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M12 x 1.25 standard 18mm OD Tube Nut. CNC Machined out of 303L stainless steel for use in all MooreSport Top mounts (both solid and adjustable). Lightweight, tight tolerance unit suitable for motorsport.

MooreSport has developed this hydraulic handbrake setup to be as flexible as our clientele is. The bracket can be bolted into the car, or welded in place as well as allowing multiple handle locations and ratios.

Finally, after many, many, many years, we are able to offer an affordable tool storage solution for all you rally service guys.

Our original motorsport design, it is entirely CNC milled from billet 6061 aluminum.

CNC machined m12x1.25  lug nut (set of 20) manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel.

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