Design & Consultation

Private Manufacturing

Ohlins Sale & Maintenance

DMS Compatible Parts

Race Car Construction

Cage Conception

Setup & Balancing

Race Track Support

For each project, our experts use specialized software to produce a 3D model with comprehensive technical drawings of the required part. These technical drawings include all the information needed to develop and assemble each component.
Whether it is only for production, or you also want to use our design services, we can produce parts for your brand. We can assure the quality, reliability and confidentiality you require. Get the same MooreSport service, under your own brand name.
As of 2020, we are proud to announce that we have begun a new partnership with Ohlins suspension out of Sweden. We are now able to offer you complete servicing and sales of their automotive motorsport product lineup. We will be the first and only Ohlins certified service center in Canada as of spring 2020.
While DMS may have stopped production, we still have some of our genuine DMS inventory available. There are still tons of compatible parts to help you maintain and adjust your suspension set up : Upright inserts, Offset washers, Top lip seals, Service kits with bushes, Top Mounts and Spacers We are working to find a solution for interchanging the older inserts and strut body housings with newer DMS compatible parts by Ohlins.
Whatever the discipline in which you want to push your limits and those of your vehicle, we can offer whatever you require in order to achieve maximum performance. From the design, manufacture and installation of the cage to the setup and the choice of essential components, you can benefit from our experience and that of our key suppliers.
Our expertise in the construction of complete roll car cages and chassis preperation allows us to offer modifications and maintenance services for the different types of race car cages and designs. From 3D scanning of your entire chassis to finished CNC bent and profiled tubes.
We offer chassis tuning, balancing and adjustment services for the vehicle and its components, only on race cars with fully welded cages.
In addition to offering a qualified, professional, fast and friendly support team, MooreSport is equipped with its own support and mechanical service vehicle, a 14-foot trailer, which also allows you to transport your equipment. Services are offered for certain races in the North of the United States and Eastern Canada.
  • Design & Consultation : For Custom Projects
  • Private Label Manufacturing : Mooresport's Quality Under Your Name
  • Sale & Maintenance of Ohlins Suspension Set Ups
  • DMS Genuine & Compatible Parts by MooreSport
  • Race Car Construction : A Turn-Key Service
  • 3D Conception & Cage Setup : Chassis Fixture & Rotisserie for Shell Preparation
  • Various Setup, Balancing, Scale Ramps & Stands : For Race Cars Only
  • Race Support & Consultation : 14FT On-Site Service Trailer