Street Rear Solid Top Mount set


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These adjustable units are manufactured using state of the art machining techniques. These upper suspension top mounts feature a design that is unique to the market and have set a new standard against which others will be measured.

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The unique design allows easy adjustment with fixed reference points from left to right (approximately .2 degree adjustment depending on your setup).  You either add one or remove one.  The settings will be the same on both sides.  No longer do you have to measure and clamp both sides to get it perfect.  The pillow ball bearings are custom made and have been tested to withstand the abuse of off road racing and rally competitions.  The tolerances are so tight that there are no clunking sounds that are common in other pillow ball bearings.  This work on both the GC and GD chassis Imprezas.

The mounting holes are marked for the side/chassis you are looking to install the mount on.  There are holes for the GC left and right and the same for the GD.  All parts are made using state of the art 5-axis CNC machining techniques out of billet T6-6061 aluminum.  The bolt holes are made from a technique called “thread forming” which is much superior to the typical cutting tap that others use.  It creates a smooth thread that has no sharp points which mean the chance of the adjustment bolts seizing and jamming on the burrs is significantly reduced.

These will fit the OEM front struts/shocks as well as any coilover that utilizes a M0x1.00 or M10x1.25 thread pitch for the top hat bolt.

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Weight 3 lbs
Dimensions 7 × 5 × 5 in

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