Alcon Brake Calipers

*Please note that they are sold individually, as you can’t use them together.
Alcon #CRB330/32-38-41RL (Right leading)
Alcon #CRB330/32-38-41LT (Left trailing)
Regular price 800$US each

Goodridge x MooreSport Clutch Line Kits

Goodridge USA originally manufactured for MooreSport around 2006 those Clutch Line Kits.
We have 5 of them leftover from a previous order that we are looking to liquidate. They will suit all Subaru pull type clutches from 1993 to 2015 (WRX/STI only.)
Legal for street use.
Regular price: 24.99$US


Service kit DMS 40mm& 50mm

Kits with or without bushings.

Banjo Bolts

We have 2 bags of aluminum Banjo Bolts, m10x1.25 and m10x1.5 in which the dimensions are not correct. Each bag contains 45 banjo bolts, we are asking for 45$US for a bag (regular price is 17$/bolt.) They are sold AS IS and comes without any form of warranty or treatment. Parts are functional and machined out of T6-7075.