Custom Performance Parts

Personalized projects every times

From project assessment to final assembly, the team at MooreSport works with you to deliver quality components that meets the highest standards within the motorsport industry.

MooreSport specializes in customized projects of chassis and suspension for race cars, but can also work with engine, drivetrain, many kinds of mounts and fabrication of small parts.

For each project, our experts use specialized software to produce a 3D model with comprehensive technical drawings of the required part. This technical diagram includes all the information needed to develop and assemble each component.

Thanks to the free eDrawings software available for download, you can preview and comment on your part in 3D to get a fit and feel before production commences. This enables our team to work more closely with you during each phase of development.

The thing to keep in mind during a custom project is the achievement of performance objectives.

Recommended budget for custom project : from 3 000 $ and over.

Precision Automotive Machining

MooreSport is always at the cutting edge of technology. To ensure the accuracy of our work, we use high-end DMG MORI CNC machines exclusively for precision machining of your performance parts.

Did you know?

Measurements used in production are extremely precise: 10 times smaller than the thickness of a human hair! The slightest temperature difference, or thinnest layer of paint, oil or dust, can affect the assembly of one part to the next.

Our Achievements

Our team of experts specializes in optimizing cars and performance parts for all makes and models: Subaru STI, Dodge Viper, Mitsubishi EVO, Nissan, BMW, Porsche and much more.

We also have a network of worldwide distributors who stock various automotive parts: suspension parts, hydraulics, chassis, nuts of all sizes, etc.

We are commited to always offer parts that are the very best they can be.

We are recognized in the racing industry for our outstanding service and superior performance parts.

Consultation and personalized service

Before starting a project, the experts at MooreSport take the time to thoroughly assess your needs and resources to make personalized recommendations.

Consultation Services

We offer on-site support to our customers and their experienced teams of mechanics to optimize the performance of our more complex parts and systems when required.

This service allows you to:

Independent and amateur racers can also take advantage of MooreSport’s expertise to improve and optimize the performance of purchased parts.

Did you know ?

The absence of subcontractors allows MooreSport to develop custom automotive parts and offer a personalized and extremely confidential service (private label).

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