Universal Parts

Available for all car year and models. Custom sizing upon request.


Wheel Nut Kit

CNC machined lug nuts manufactured from 304 Stainless Steel. They are lightweight and resistant to extreme heat and wear. Open ended design is a must have for any track enthusiast or race team.

Available in various lengths and thread pitches, these units are stocked in standard thread pitch and length, they can be ordered seprately as well as in a kit. Ideal for use with ARP high strength wheel studs and thread lubricant compound.

Titanium m12x1.25 wheel nut kit (20 pcs)

Stainless Steel m12x1.25 wheel nut kit (20 pcs)

Titanium m12x1.5 wheel nut kit (20 pcs)

Stainless Steel m12x1.5 wheel nut kit (20 pcs)


Banjo Bolts

MooreSport now makes a variety of hose fittings and adapters, all machined in-house from T6-6061 aluminum and treated with a black anodize finish. The hexagon has radius corners to avoid damage when placing a tool on it, and a flange to allow proper seating without damaging components. Take a look at the specification tab to see the various lengths available. If you are uncertain which to choose for your specific application, call for our recommendations. If you require special fittings, don’t hesitate to contact us.

The production runs as small as 20 pieces possible.



Teflon Bearing

MooreSport’s Teflon Bearings provide long lasting dependability and performance. Designed by MooreSport Engineers the Teflon Bearing’s are easy to install. Standard 18mm ID bearings. As used in all MooreSport specific parts.


Tube Nuts

Tube nut available in various sizes. Custom threads available upon request. Normally stocked sizes are:

Tube Nut 10mm thread 1  DMS-MNTPRT-10X1.00

Tube nut 10mm thread 1.25 DMS-MNTPRT-10X1.25

Tube nut 10mm thread 1.5 DMS-MNTPRT-10X1.50

Tube nut 12mm thread 1.25 DMS-MNTPRT-12X1.25

Tube nut 12mm thread 1.50 DMS-MNTPRT-12X1.50

Tube Nut 12mm thread 1.75 DMS-MNTPRT-12X1.75

Tube Nut 14mm thread 1.50 DMS-MNTPRT-14X1.50